Zaim Credit Systems plc is a holding company of Zaim-Express LLC, a commercial company operating in the microcredit market in Russia since 2011. Today, the Zaim-Express occupies one of the leading positions on the Russian microcredit market, and is one of the largest companies in terms of the number of offices in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Zaim-Express is included in the list of the largest micro credit companies in Russia, working with individuals. The company Zaim-Express is entered in the state register of micro financial organizations under the number 2110177000440 dated August 29, 2011

The main activity of the company is to provide financial services, except for insurance and pension services. The main activity of the company is the provision of loans and other types of credit.

Zaim-Express today:

In an effort to make customer service fast, convenient, and modern, we are constantly improving our system of remote channels to get loans from the comfort of home, including improving the client’s personal account on the Internet, simplifying the procedure for obtaining a loan to our company's corporate cards, which we issue to our customers for free. And we see that every day we increase the proportion of customers using a remote system for obtaining loans. Every year, loans are received remotely by more than 6600 people, the average loan amount is 10.3 thousand rur.

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