The microcredit industry has a huge potential for business development and the economy of the country. Western developed economies (in particular, investors) were the first to see the prospects for the development of the MFI market. For example, American banks, according to MarketWatch analysts, tend to "grab a tasty piece of microcredit pie" by issuing loans to their clients for conditions similar to MFOs. And even in the United States, where the standard of living is higher than in Russia, 12 million people take micro loans a year. And the market for a number of indicators similar to the Russian: for example, the main consumers of PDL-loans are people 25-49 years. According to, more than $ 9 billion of interest on loans are received by MFIs in the United States in annual terms. With an average loan of $ 350, interest is $ 520. Thus, for every $ 100,000 invested in MFIs, the loan operator receives $ 30,000 in profits per month, which indicates a high profitability of this type of business. Also worth noting is the bias vector of micro loans in the Internet plane: in the UK already about 83% of micro loans are issued online. Accordingly, this suggests that microfinance companies and loans to payday services are popular all over the world, profitable, and that there are prospects for further growth and development, especially in Russia where, according to statistics, about 60 million Russians are denied access to traditional banking services. This suggests that there is a huge base for increasing the volume of loan disbursements, and the company's loan portfolio. Also, according to statistics, out of 71% of the country's citizens, only 8% use the services of micro credit companies, respectively, it is expected that after the regulatory changes proposed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the differences between banks and micro credit companies will be less, and therefore there will be an active influx of customers into micro credit companies because services will become more affordable and safe for customers. "Demand will give rise to supply, and there is a demand for borrowed funds from clients of micro credit companies in almost any economic situation."

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