Zaim Credit Systems pls is the holding company of a Russian based financial services company Zaim Express LLC ("Zaim" or ("Zaim Express LLC")). In 2011, Zaim entered Russia's burgeoning microfinance sector following the introduction of the Microfinance Business Law which enabled non-bank institutions to provide loans to citizens and companies. On 29 August 2011, Zaim was authorised to conduct microfinance activities and included on the State Registry of Microfinance Organisations (the "Registry") maintained initially as a microcredit organisation ("MCO") by the Russian Ministry of Finance and later, by the Central Bank of Russia ("CBR"). In 2016, Zaim obtained its current status as an MCC which allows it to engage in microfinance activity in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Since obtaining its authorised status, Zaim has developed a bespoke IT system, created a distribution network and raised debt capital to fund its loan book. In 2014, Zaim commenced trading in the Moscow region initially making loans from funds provided by shareholders. Since that time Zaim has developed its retail distribution outlets and it is currently operating just over 95 sites located predominantly in Moscow and to a lesser extent, other urban areas of Western Russia, including St. Petersburg and Volgograd. The Company’s loan book as at 31 December 2018 was approximately £29.2 million. It is now one of the largest microfinance companies in the Moscow region of Russia calculated by the annual value of loans made.

Zaim’s strategy has been primarily focused on reaching consumers who have difficulty in accessing traditional banking services. Zaim has primarily focused on establishing branches near to densely populated residential communities in urban areas, as well as locations near to the transport infrastructure of Moscow. Zaim has also developed a pre-paid MasterCard a "Zaim Express" card. Zaim is able to credit low balances directly to those cards, which customers can then spend online or via a POS terminal; or withdraw at an ATM. The Group is now seeking to diversify its offering to take advantage of the increasing availability of POS Devices that facilitate card payments and the proliferation of mobile devices and improved access to the internet, which increase retail customer’s ability to organise their finances online.

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