Our principles

Zaim-Express pays special attention to the qualitative development of the company, its offices, as well as the development of remote customer service channels, making them as simple as possible for customers. These efforts are aimed at expanding access to financial services of various categories of the population and the convenience of customers receiving services of our company.

Zaim-Express strives to provide quality service throughout the entire network of offices of our company as well as in providing quality customer service to those who apply to our company remotely. We take into account and take into consideration all the complaints and complaints received by our company as the most important source of information for improving our own business and increasing the competitiveness of the company; ensuring the required level of reliability and security of all services of our company for its customers.

The Company ensures that it fully inform customers about the conditions for granting loans and pays special attention to the implementation of measures aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy of its customers, awareness of customers and consumers of various social and age groups about products, services and the cost of company services, explaining the benefits of microcredit in our company. We notify clients of all changes in conditions, methods of loan payment, and the possibility of early repayment with the possibility of recalculating the cost of lending, and the possibility of extending the loan agreement.

Special attention is pend to providing financial assistance to citizens to solve current financial difficulties, in the process of loan processing; we do not ask clients for obtaining a loan, because we believe that this is a personal matter of each of our clients. We keep a balance between our business and the interests and interests of our customers.

We see innovation as a tool to ensure customer loyalty and increase the motivation of our employees. We invest in human capital through continuous staff training, development of a personnel reserve system and career growth of our employees.

Responsibility, honesty and openness are core values of our company. For success in the development of our business, we highlight the fundamental importance of the active growth of our share in the microcredit market in Russia at the expense of further gaining trust in the company, both from our clients and our partners and investors. All interested parties can be confident that we work with them honestly, openly and with respect, and most importantly they can be sure that we will treat them fairly and ethically. Our company is not afraid of responsibility, and is always ready to answer for its actions, and promptly solve the problems that have arisen. In our work, we strive to work with all stakeholders with the government, business, and civil society to ensure the promotion of effective governance. All employees of our company are knowledgeable and trained in business integrity policies and business standards in the company.

We encourage our employees, customers and partners to express their opinions and ask questions of our company if they are not sure how to respond to the situation, or do not understand what to do in case of any problems. Similarly, we encourage those outside the company to ask questions about how we do business.

Either send any of your inquiries about the business behavior of our company by email: info@zaimcreditsystemsplc.com

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