In every Russian city, in addition to banks, there are microfinance organizations that provide urgent money before a paycheck, help local residents quickly, and efficiently resolve their temporary financial difficulties without collateral, guarantors, and on the same day. Such companies and these services from year to year are wildly popular among local residents. And this is understandable since it is not only easy, but quick, to borrow money from a microfinance company.

It was in order to help people that we created in 2011 the company Zaim-Express, which quickly managed to conquer the Russian microcredit market, and become one of the market leaders.

After all, our main goal was, is and remains "to honestly help people" to cope with temporary financial difficulties. That is why we provide our customers with quick and easy ways to get money in debt, and most importantly with honest and transparent conditions. To do this, we set high standards in customer service, conduct training for our employees and provide a high standard in service quality in all offices of our network as well as in remote service. We are striving to become a supporting financial instrument for a whole stratum of the Russian population, which banks ignore because of the high risks and low profitability of small loans.

Our mission:

  1. Providing loans to customers on simple and favorable terms without hidden fees and additional payments;
  2. Appreciate your clients and help clients improve their financial situation, and do everything possible to change the life of clients for the better;
  3. Taking care of their employees, creating comfortable jobs, providing vocational training, creating a place in which you want to work and reach the top together in a friendly team.

Business challenges:

  1. Achieving high results in the development of the company;
  2. Ensuring high rates of business profitability;
  3. Reduction of operating expenses and risks for the business;
  4. Increase the income of shareholders and investors.

Our goal:

To make the Zaim-Express company the most recognizable, most profitable, most open, and the best company in the microfinance market in Russia.

We are proud that our company not only helps people solve financial problems, but also:

  1. We help our customers fix their credit history. We promptly help and give the opportunity not only to correct a damaged credit history, but also give the opportunity to create it from scratch. The second option is especially important, it’s not a secret that it’s quite difficult to get a loan from a bank without a credit history, and sometimes and not possible. Thanks to our company, a borrower with a clean credit history can get and return several small loans and acquire a positive credit history. This will help to arrange a future bank loan on more favorable terms. Similarly, with borrowers who have a bad credit history, but in this case, the loans received will be "reckoned" as its improvement.
  2. We provide an opportunity to quickly intercept the required amount before the salary. Our clients are able to get quick cash or on a card for any purpose in the shortest possible time, and accordingly our borrowers do not need to constantly borrow money from friends or relatives. With borrowed funds, they can afford a little more than usual.
  3. We make borrowing money available to customers. You can get a loan on one document and most importantly without guarantors and collateral. Our company provides its clients with the possibility of processing a loan not only in the network of our offices, but also to get a loan even without leaving home, both on our corporate card through just one phone call and via the Internet. A client simply needs to submit an application remotely, fill out a questionnaire, choose a method of receipt, confirm the conditions with a code from an SMS and send the money instantly to the client in the chosen way. Everything is fast, simple and ingenious.
  4. We treat our customers as loyally as possible. Loyalty in relation to borrowers, approval of applications with delinquency, high debt load, lack of official or permanent work, etc. - this is what sets our company apart from other loan offers. We understand that due to certain life problems, our clients had problems with repaying their debts in banks or in other financial institutions, this is not important for us, in the course of our work we are guided by the rule "everyone deserves a second chance".
  5. We give our customers the opportunity to choose the loan amount and term themselves. All our clients can receive any amount (up to 30 tr.) For almost any term (up to 30 days), and also can prolong the contract thereby increasing the repayment term for the loan if necessary.
  6. We issue loans for a minimum set of documents and with a minimum number of customer requirements. We put forward the minimum requirements for borrowers: the age of 18 years and the citizenship of the Russian Federation, the presence of a passport and a mobile phone. That's the whole set of requirements of our company to its customers.
  7. We increase the financial and technical literacy of the population. In the process of working with us, we actively transfer our clients to remote methods of communication with the company, and remote systems, in order to receive money without leaving home. Our clients have the opportunity not only to arrange loans remotely, but also to receive the necessary information on the loan and pay the loan simply and anywhere in the world. We do everything to make our customers comfortable, easy and fast to use the services of our company. Accordingly, when the borrowers of our company move to the next level of relations, becoming our clients, remote service is no longer exotic for them.

Currently, the Zaim-Express Company has not only retained only the best in the microcredit market in Russia, but also partly adopted the experience of banking companies, thereby ensuring to its customers the issuance of loans with the quality of service to the largest Russian banks. Our customers are more one million people.

The company Zaim-Express provides the following products:

Cash loan in sales offices and on the corporate card Zaim- Express

The company provides loans in cash in sales offices and on branded bank cards of the company: to citizens of the Russian Federation at the age of 18 to 70 years, in the amount of 3 to 30 thousand rubles, for a period of 7 to 30 days, at 1% per day. To get a loan, a client must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with him, the client must have a permanent registration on the territory of the Russian Federation, and an active mobile phone, the client will also need to provide the telephone numbers of two contact persons. Application approval time: 15 minutes. The loan is provided without collateral, guarantee, official employment is not required. For customers who have made a loan in cash in the office or on our card, we provide a free service to prolong the contract, a service to pay the loan through the most popular payment methods. Thanks to what customers can pay the loan quickly and easily.

Loan to a personal bankcard

The company Zaim-Express provides loans for personal bankcards of clients (Online loan) to citizens of the Russian Federation at the age of 18 to 70 years, for 2 to 15 thousand rubles, for a period of 7 to 30 days, at 1% per day. To get a loan, a client needs to fill out an application on our company's website, specify passport data, take passport photos and have a personal bankcard that will need to be tied to your personal account on our website. At the same time, to complete an application, the client must have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, with a permanent registration in the territory of the Russian Federation, an active mobile phone, and the telephone numbers of two contact persons. The loan is provided without collateral, guarantee, official employment is not required. The loan is received by transferring funds to the customer’s bank card. The possibility of prolongation of the agreement on the online loan is missing. Payment of the loan is possible only by cashless transfer, through the most popular payment services, without commission.

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